Unexspected Things at Unexspected Times

My eyes quickly shifted to the the light of the fireworks as they blasted off into the the pitch black sky. It was 4th of July. I love going to my uncles house where we celebrate our independence each year. He always throughs a big party; its a blast.

As I sat down the boom of light blasted in my face it was like a billion stars just erupted. As everybody was cheering on for more explosions. I was having trouble enjoying the fireworks because I was getting hit left and right by ashes. So my mom came up with a great idea “get under the tree”meanwhile my brother Zach was at the front of the crowd, near where they were lighting the fireworks. suddenly out of nowhere a firework tipped over and came really close to hitting him. It was frighting even to me seeing my brother get pounded by a firework. my heart stopped when I when I saw it.

But after the incident happened we all teased him about screaming like a little girl. We all realized that unexpected things happen so we can laugh at them later on.


William howard Taft

Taft was born in Cincannati on Sept.15,1857

Howard Taft was one of six children

Attended to a private school

Graduated in Yale

William Howard Taft

Was a Christian

He was the 27 president

William Howard Taft nickname was Big bill

William Howard Taft was tall he was six foot